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How to Choose a Plumber?

  When having plumbing work done, how should you assess a plumber’s ability? Renovate Your House and Home magazine puts this question, and a few more, to the Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association in Cork. Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association… Read More

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Bedrooms with Personality

  Sexy Go wild with sultry shades of red and purple, layer the bed with pillows and luxury linens and use candles to set the mood Create a seductive boudoir by saturating the entire room in passionate reds and deep… Read More

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And so to Bed …

  A lumpy mattress, less than springy springs and a base that creaks into the bargain…no wonder you can’t sleep at night. Isn’t it time you bought yourself a new bed? A good night’s sleep can do more for the… Read More

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Caring for your bed

  The better care you take for your bed the longer it will last and serve you well. Take the advice of the Sleep Council (www.sleepcouncil.com) and follow these ten simple steps. Use a washable, protective cover to protect the… Read More

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Types of Beds

  Futons Futons are made with natural fibres (non-toxic/non allergenic fillings) and unlike synthetic mattresses do not retain moisture or perspiration. The natural fibre filling means that they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Futons are… Read More

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Bed Bugs Bite

  Dust mite sensitivity is one of the most common allergies and we sleep with lots of mites for company every night. It’s the protein in their droppings to which allergy sufferers react. The droppings are so tiny, they can… Read More

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